self awareness

What is Self Awareness ?

Self-awareness is the understanding that one exists and foundation of personal growth and success. Its all about recognizing and understanding own emotion, personality, habits and thought process. Also its give a clear understanding of one’s own strength, weakness, thought and beliefs.

Self Awareness as my personal experience

I have done many things in my life. Many, many things… Some good, some bad, some so-so… Some things that I am really proud of, and some things that I would prefer not to think of at all and not remember it.

But if I didn’t remember, I wouldn’t learn… And then I would probably do that same thing over and over again. So sometimes, even though we’d rather not, it’s important to remember.

These last few years have been the most interesting, most challenging, most difficult and most rewarding years of my life. I’ve had to face a lot of different things and a lot of different people. The hardest thing and person combined was and still is ME.

“At the center of your being, you have the answer;
you know who you are, and you know what you want.” — Lao Tzu

Thanks to the free will that has been bestowed upon me, I have taken myself on a roller coaster ride based on my choices. Often I have taken others on that ride with me.  Sometimes way to the top and sometimes I have managed to drag them deep down to the bottom.

And what has come out of all of this? Apart from learning to do specific things if you want a certain outcome and to not do other things in order to avoid huge mistakes. I have grown more in touch with  who I WAS before and who i have become today. All I know is to BE only me.

Being ME right now, after everything I’ve put myself through, feels… AWESOME… It’s strange, but even in the toughest of times; life is much better and easier to deal with, And I think the main reason for that, is this new-found awareness of who I am.

In the past, I have always felt lost, like I was going in circles endlessly and apart from getting dizzy and nauseous, I felt trapped because it was as if I was attached to this long rope that bound me to that circle more and more each time.

self awareness

About four years ago, I started my quest… I wanted to be more intuitive; I wanted to get to know myself better. They tell us to be careful with what we wish for, and I wish I had been a bit more careful.

Because in order to get to know myself better, I had to learn everything about myself. Not only the light, pretty, flowery things. But also the dark, ugly, dirty things.

I had to come to terms with the fact that every light side plays off of  a dark side. Good and bad go hand-in-hand. Happiness would be nothing without sadness. And that’s really, life is about balancing things out.

“you can’t get away from yourself by moving from one place to another.”  – Ernest Hemingway

We are all like diamonds, with so many different sides. It doesn’t make us better or worse. What we need to do, is to recognize that this is how we truly are.

We need to embrace our duality. That was one of the things that I had to do, and it is often something I am reminded of the more aware I am of it the better it is, the better I am.

But I didn’t sit down here today to go into this big story. I sat down to write a few lines… Maybe three or four.

I always thought that in order to be strong, I needed to be hard but I’ve noticed that with time, learning and awareness, that I have become quite the opposite. I have become  Soft, malleable, flexible.

At least most of the time, because I am still human, and I still am learning. But I am far stronger now, in all my authentic softness than I ever was before while trying to be hard.


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