Becoming an Entrepreneur is a challenge indeed. However, Task Home makes this task easier for you. With Task Home you are offered an E-commerce platform of your own to harness that business acumen buzzing inside you.

You won’t need any technical expertise to set up the site as they do it for you with a domain of your own choice. Setting one’s own e-commerce portal was never that easy.

What’s more? Your budding entrepreneur spirit gets to do all this from the comfort of your home! It’s a great business opportunity for students, housewives, and people looking for an alternate source of income.

The Differential Edge

Digital marketing is the buzzword in today’s business world and with Task Home you have a chance to become an expert entrepreneur in this arena. With zero financial investment required from your end alongside the fact that you need not dedicate your entire day to it unlike other conventional businesses be it online or offline makes it a lucrative option.

While rest of the e-commerce-oriented businesses are faced with challenges of balancing inventory and coordinating with stakeholders: suppliers and delivery folks, you won’t need to be concerned with any such hassle.

The business model of your e-commerce entrepreneurial venture is a commission based one, for every sale generated through it is bound to land you a commission in the range of twenty to seventy percent!


The essential parameter for gauging the success of a business opportunity is to forecast its return on investment and given the aforementioned healthy range of commission rates, it can be deemed as a good investment option of one’s time and resources. The whole mechanism is designed in a transparent manner.

As far as payments are concerned, revenue generated can be tracked on a daily basis with accurate payment charts which they continue to be accumulated. For the ease of use, revenue generated will be transferred instantly to your account via the mode of RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement)

Making it a Viable Source of Income: Promoting your E-Commerce Venture

Digital marketing skills coupled with your ability to connect with people, you have a chance to take this e-commerce business mainstream and challenge the likes of Amazon and Flipkart.

Just like the seed which blossoms into a plant, you have the potential to transform this business opportunity into a successful entrepreneurial entity.

social media

If you are wondering how to network or exploit the phenomenon which digital marketing is, you need not look further. Social media is the optimum tool to enhance your credential as a digital marketing entrepreneur. So how do you go about it? Here are a few examples:

1) Promotion of your e-commerce website on Facebook.

2) ‎People love discounts! Leverage your contacts and utilize WhatsApp to promote discounts.

3) ‎Use “best deal” promotions to attract potential customers.

Diversified Product Portfolio: The Competitive Advantage

Still wondering as to why you need to take this business  an opportunity seriously? An e-commerce business can succeed on the basis of products it offers.

With Task Home you are looking at more than two thousand products in over hundred categories to provide the type of diversified portfolio a potential customer will look for. The major categories under which the offerings of Task Home can be segmented under are:

  • Men’s Wear
  • Ladies Apparel
  • Kids Wear
  • Home Furniture
  • Nutritional Supplements

The repertoire of the range of product is only bound to be enhanced along with time. Also, they are made available to you at the baseline wholesale price. The sole reason behind it is that the products are accrued directly from the manufacturer. This also ensures that the role of middlemen is negated to the fullest!

Earn While You Learn

Learning will be another significant aspect in this. Grappling with the challenges of online business for someone who has no prior experience can be quite a task. Although one learns from experience, opportunity to learn from experienced folks in the field always adds to your advantage.

task home

This is where Task Home comes in. Task Home provides free of cost lessons and training via its platform. No matter what your background is, experts at Task Home make the learning a simpler exercise. They will be willing to help you realize your dream 24*7.

Task Home will enhance the growth as you get to learn the nuances of tackling challenges of running an e-commerce business, concepts of digital marketing. Also, your knowledge with respect to brand promotion and email marketing will be duly enhanced.

To sum it up here are the few major rationales which shall suffice to convince you regarding the feasibility of Task Home being the cornerstone of your e-commerce business dreams!

  • No Personnel or Office set up costs involved
  • No dependence on skilled workforce
  • Autonomy over the business
  • Stamp and build your own brand name including the liberty to choose domain name of your choice
  • The vast array of products to offer with weekly and monthly discounts to attract and build a consumer base.
  • Swift and transparent payment system

To say that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity would be an understatement. What are you waiting for? Go and visit TaskHome now!


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This article is contributed by Garima Pachauri. She is A Free Thinker and an Enthusiastic Writer!  You can reach her on LinkedIn.


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