We all fantasize about doing something that we love for a living. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if you get paid for playing video games all day? Or, imagine cooking your favorite food all day and having people to pay you for that?

I have often heard people say, that following your passion is often harder than think. While it’s true that all the spheres have tough competition to break through. However, if you have the determination and successful plan, success and money will eventually follow.

In this article we will be discussing few steps that will help you to make a living out of something you love and help you turn your passion into a career:

1) Analyse your Passion

Analysing your passion is harder than it seems. Doing something your love and being excel at something is totally different. For eg. You might love singing but excel at singing is a harder task.

Singing is something that you are gifted with. Hence rather than wasting your time on making your voice better, you should consider something else which is doable.

2) Research and make a Plan

Now making a roadmap to your career needs a lot of information. Firstly, you would want to understand the demand in that respective field. For instance, most of the constructive jobs are going to be automated in coming years. Hence you should look for something that has a huge demand in coming 10-15 years.


Secondly, keep in mind that you won’t be getting paid from the day one of your new jobs. In this case, you need to have a backup. Something like emergency savings which can support you while you are struggling with your new job.

Another part of research would be to make a well written and achievable plan. For instance, if you are looking to have any sport as a career, you can’t play at international championships as soon you start. You have to start small. Maybe start with getting some coaching and participating in local tournaments regularly.

3) Getting Started

Switching careers and starting a new career can be very challenging in beginning. However, once you start seeing results and actually getting better at what you are doing, you will feel accomplished.

In beginning, you might have to put extra efforts because you have to come on par with the other players in the same field. However, if it’s something that you love what you are doing, giving extra hours to it won’t be a problem. In order to have an edge, you can learn about it on the internet or get yourself a personal coach in your free time.

4) Stay Determined

As I have talked above, starting a new career can be challenging and depressing at the same time. You will look at other people and realize that they are far better than you.


But what you have to understand here is that they are practicing it for years and you are just starting with it. Getting professional at any skill needs a lot of determination and hard work. And also, if this is your passion, you won’t find it depressing.

Bottom Line

While it seems exciting making living out of something you love, it can also become stressful at times. Mainly because you won’t see results as soon as you thought. You might get rejections in the beginning, but you have to keep doing it.

Turning your passion into a carrier needs motivation and determination. Work on improving yourself every day. Eventually, your efforts will pay off and you will be doing what you have always been passionate about.



This article is written by Pankaj Singh Chauhan, he runs The Indian Wire and The Indian Wire Hindi.



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