Hard Work is Easy if You Love Your Work

Hard work is easy when you’re doing something you love, but most people never give them the opportunity to experience it. Instead, they do a thing they dislike and that is when you start to witness strange behavior.

In my working career, I’ve run across many people who worked hard at doing nothing. You wouldn’t believe how many job sites I’ve worked at where people loved to pretend they were busy.

I found it fascinating and to be honest because when you looked at this person and observed, it was like watching theatre. It was truly entertaining.

Some were always so occupied pretending to be busy that’s when they were requested to do something, an unspoken conflict would arise. I always thought it was funny, but maybe that’s just my sick and twisted sense of humor.

Others would just play hide and seek. They were always around, but never to be found. Usually, these characters would spend an awful amount of time in the staff room, colleague’s offices, pretty much everywhere other than where they were supposed to be.

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I couldn’t imagine how exhausting that must have been. To me, it always seemed more comfortable and less complicated just to do the work. Interestingly on several occasions, I got to associate on a social level with these “shirkers” and found that they were not lazy at all.

At work, they would do everything possible to avoid working, and yet many of them had hobbies, which they worked very hard at. Mechanics, gardening, jewelry making, carpentry, photography and that’s just to mention a few things I’ve come across many of these.

Their faces would light up as they showcased their creations, with pride and passion that you never saw at work. I couldn’t believe the time, commitment and dedication most of them put into their hobby.

Often I would ask why they didn’t turn their hobby into a source of income, I get responses like, “I wish”, “if only”, “it would probably take a lot of work” and “Really haven’t given it much thought.” Occasionally some would outwardly say they preferred whatever they were doing just as a hobby.

For most though, you could see the desire in their eyes, but you could also see the fear and beliefs they carried with them that got in the way. Society as it lets us down. Nobody ever teaches you in school, whatever things you are passionate about.

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When I graduated, I never came across anyone who said go out there and work hard at what you love. In fact, the school never really helped me find the things I was passionate about. When you tell people it will take hard work to make their dreams come true, they become afraid.

Most would like guarantees, and yet, these are the same people who willingly chose to go to college or university for several years without any assurance that they will succeed in this world.

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure” – Colin Powell

You can change your beliefs and thoughts. If you haven’t been writing what you want in your life, I strongly suggest you start. This is the first key. Pay attention to how you feel when you write things down.

Here are few steps, but they can be a challenge and can boost your improvement.

1. Write your want list
2. Visualize
3. Muscle test to make sure your subconscious mind is in agreement with the conscious mind.
4. Link the conscious and subconscious mind
5. Make an impression on the subconscious mind

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