Career development and Career growth may sound similar but are two different things.

Although if one says that two of the terms are in far reach of each other than that would be a false statement.

Both the terms, career development and career growth, are interrelated with each other. Your career development reflects on your career growth. It’s stepping tool of your career growth.

The terms can be distinguished in following way:

1) Definition:

Career development consists of things workers do to enhance your career. That is why it is also known as the career enhancement.

Career growth, on the other hand, means a way of success where at every regular interval you grow as professional achieving higher positions in the organization.

2) Aim:

In career development, you mainly aim at improving your working skills. You desire to improvise and get better and better with every passing day.

In career growth, the primary motive is to get a higher position and higher remuneration for your work. It renders to any powerful position that the employees contend for, as it provides higher pay, satisfaction and prestige.

Career development depends on the training and guidance given to you though, the growth of your career decides the company you work with. Well established businesses tend to see better potential in you for your career growth.

career growth

3) Nature:

Career development is an ongoing process regardless of your designation or position in the company.  It’s a process wherein you learn new things and challenge yourself with different tasks. You gain experience and incorporate it your style of working.

Career growth allows you to do further activities, handle new responsibilities. If these things get saturated at any environment, then it’s high time for a change and to switch your company.

4) Constituents:

Career development includes factors like self-assessment, career awareness, goal setting, skill training and performing. When you enhance your working through these components, you develop as an acknowledged and professional personality.

Career growth comprises of factors transferable skills, identify the leaks, acknowledging training opportunities and crucial decision making of continuation of the company with which you are working.

Simply put, Growth is the evolution in the professional scale within the firm concerning hierarchy.

Development, on the contrary, involves all the skills obtained during your professional career and position passed through including the errors committed.




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