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Even if you have great content, you are still just a small fish in the deep sea. Maybe you have just written a great piece of content and now you want to promote it and put it out into the world, but having great content is just not enough anymore.It’s not just about creating and promoting. You need content marketing to back you up.

But what is content marketing? And how to excel at it?

First, you need to understand that Promoting is not just distribution but it involves marketing as well. And marketing is all about building relationship with your audiences.

Content marketing revolves around the creation, publishing and promotion of contents with proper planning and strategies.

In order to achieve success in this day and age, you need to draw people to your content and with the help of content marketing you can successfully lead traffic and sales towards you.

As a beginner following tips on content marketing will definitely turn you in the right direction:

  1. First of all, don’t just create content, Do it smart and effectively!
  2. See if you are solving a problem. Make sure that there is a space and need of your content.
  3. You need to Hook your audiences in the beginning of your content itself. Don’t bore your audience with a long introduction as it will only make them disinterested and this might make them search elsewhere for good content.
  4. You need to understand the platform that you are marketing on. Different platforms require different marketing strategies. Something that would work on blogging platforms might not work on audio platforms such as podcast and radio or video platforms such as YouTube, daily motion, etc. so it’s very important to master all different platforms to promote your content to the fullest.
  5. Keep upgrading your content. You need to publish your content on time. Do not keep the audience waiting for your content. If you are publishing your content on the same time or day every week, then be consistent with it. Audiences respect and appreciate it.
  6. Ask your audience what they want. Research as much as you can to know your audience. After all, their satisfaction is the key to your success
  7. Supply for the demand i.e. you should always modify your content to match the intent of your audience. There is no point in providing content that no one desires.
  8. You need to have a clear communication strategy for all your content. The tone of your content should be very clear. If it’s going to be professional, keep it consistent, if you want it to be casual or academic in tone, then be consistent with it. Do not keep on changing the tone as it may confuse your audiences.
  9. Promote your content with the help of influences.
  10. Sometimes it’s smarter to go your way, rather than following the herd. You need to find a suitable niche to avoid competition. Also you need to stand out and differentiate yourself from others. You can even create your own niche to further kill the competition
  11. Always remember that great content marketing doesn’t just include mastering the marketing strategies but adding value to your audiences along with adding a value to your own brand.
  12. Make sure your audiences keep coming back for your content. The relationship with your audiences should be strong.

Also while you are at it, avoid the following mistakes while marketing your content:

  • Don’t just publish your content and wait for something to happen. You need to work for it.
  • If needed, don’t hesitate from paying for promotion.
  • Avoid creating content that no one wants. You should definitely focus on standing out but you need to steer away from unnecessary content.
  • Avoid creating inappropriate titles for your content. A good title goes a long way in marketing.
  • Don’t focus on yourself, make sure your content fulfills the client’s needs first and not just your own.
  • You need to have sufficient knowledge about your content. Do not avoid research as it can make or break your content.
  • Do not shy away from having an online presence.
  • Search engine optimization is important but writing interesting content is equally important.
  • Don’t focus on sales when you are just starting up.
  • Do not ignore content marketing analytics.
  • Even if you have published new content, don’t forget to promote your older contents.
  • Stop assuming you know your audience!
  • Do not forget to review your content.
  • Don’t over brand yourself
  • And yes! Do not forget to strategize.

So to help you even further, here are a few content marketing strategies to make your life easier:

  • Your content should be frequent and of a high quality
  • Use search engine optimization in your favor.
  • Try to use the google keyword planner and google trends to rank on the top of search results.
  • Use social media to promote. The reach of social media is irreplaceable.

Above all believe in yourself. Be confident with your content and be as relatable as possible. Content marketing is a long term game.

So don’t lose hope and give up too soon. If you start with a clear cut plan and strategies, then you are more likely to achieve success.

Sr. Digital Marketing Executive from Mumbai, India. He is much familiar with Blogging, Content Writing, SEO, Google Ad-Words & Analytics.
He blogs about Digital Marketing, Life, Career, Business and Travelling.

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