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Maybe you are a noob entrepreneur or you have been a customer to different companies and are getting promotional emails from them for too long and now you want to give it a try too, whatever it maybe, this article will surely be of help.

But first of all, what exactly is email marketing? Well this form of marketing has been around for years now and many companies have been able to convert potential customers into lifelong customers through this method of marketing.  

Email marketing is an effective way of advertising ones brand, creating potential customers and increasing while building brand awareness and a stronger relationship with them.

Most companies prefer email marketing as it’s significantly cheaper than traditional marketing. Through email marketing it’s possible to specifically target ideal customers.

Also through this form of marketing, it’s easier for companies to track the progress of their marketing campaign.

It helps the companies to modify and makes changes in their campaigns, correcting them before it’s too late.

Now that you have the basic idea about email marketing, the following tips and tricks will ensure that you excel at it.

Tips and tricks to make email marketing easier:

  • You need to know who your audience is, and who would be your perfect customer and is most likely to purchase your product.
  • Then you need to choose an email service to make your task easier. However, many new entrepreneurs prefer to do it  by themselves. There are many email service providers available . you have an array of options here. Well ,Whatever floats your boat!.
  • Also before you start sending mails, make sure you send the finalized mail to yourself first. Be thorough and to ensure everything is in place according to the plan and is how you wanted it to be
  • Also in your email, Make sure it looks professional but do not forget to give it a personal touch either. Make sure when they see the email notification, they know its you, so use your own name or the companies name.
  • Make the headlines of your mails are  short and effective. Don’t confuse the readers by adding too much into it.
  • If you are an entrepreneur then make sure you don’t get in your too much. Many a time new entrepreneurs over complicate the content by using templates similar to big companies. You don’t necessarily have to do that.
  • You want new subscribers to increase your sales , but you need to make the conversion process easy to follow for them.
  • However , once they have subscribed its your utmost duty to make sure you give them what you had promised them in exchange of the  email.
  • You can even imply that the offer is only available for a few days and they should hurry up if they want the product. This can increase conversion rates.
  • You can bring the traffic to you other websites or social media accounts. But make sure you don’t force them into it.
  • Double check the links because once its sent there’s nothing you can do about it
  • Don’t annoy them though. You want them to look forward to your mails. You want your email to be in the trash by doing this.
  • Don’t go crazy about promotions. You want to promote yourself along with providing content that could be of value to them instead of spamming them with unnecessary information.
  • Don’t send multiple emails in a day. You don’t want them to unsubscribe, right?
  • See when the subscribers are subscribing, because they can be from any time zone or a different country. So to ensure they read your mail, make sure you keep a record of when they are most responsive.
  • Also you want to be keeping a track of how many people are clicking on the links you are providing of your product
  • Always keep the communication with the subscribers clear. Ensure they understand what you want from them. But again promote but, don’t annoy!
  • You can even categorize your subscribers based on their interests and then send the emails based on the things they are most responsive about.
  • And the most important tip is making sure that your mails are optimized for smart phones. I mean it’s 2017 for God’s sake!

So now that you know the magic sauce to excelling at email marketing, do not forget to avoid the following mistakes that have the potential to sabotage your marketing game.

So, here are the top email marketing mistakes that you have to avoid at all costs:

  • Don’t forget to strategize and plan before you  start putting your name out there
  • Don’t forget to optimize your mails for all devices
  • Wrong image dimensions are a big no-no!
  • Avoid spelling mistakes and typos
  • Avoid long titles
  • Ensure your email isn’t just image based
  • Avoid using too many calls- to- action phrases.
  • Don’t write novels in your mail! Make sure your email content is point to point
  • Don’t use written characters with Caps lock
  • Don’t just pitch your product once and then forget about it
  • Don’t ignore your analytics
  • Don’t forget to  automate your email marketing

We hope that these tips and tricks along with the mistakes to avoid will be of immense help in your journey.


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