Time flies away but memories stay forever, and a great way to seize and capture those memories is through photography. Today photography has become a great tool for expressing and embracing ones individuality and uniqueness.
However this has also led to a ton of competition in the industry. That being said, nowadays everyone who owns a DSLR has designated themselves as photographers.
But if your true passion lies in photography and you know that making a career in it is your true calling, then this article will definitely guide you to stand out in the deep sea of photographers that have emerged in the recent years.

You should know that a good photography course or a degree from even the most reputed institutes doesn’t guarantee you a successful career in photography.

There have been many successful photographers in the industry without fancy certifications whatsoever, so if you feel that working under a seasoned photographer or learning by yourself through trial and errors will get you to your goals faster, then you should go ahead with it.

However if you have very little or no knowledge about photography and would like to learn about everything revolving around photography then you have nothing to worry about because no matter at what level you are, be it beginner, intermediate or advanced, there are many courses you can take up either online or through institutes that can cater to your needs.

A beginner’s class often includes lessons on the basic terminologies and working of a camera without highly professional equipment, etc. whereas in the intermediate and advanced classes, one can expect to learn about both the pre and post production processes along with tips to turn the artistic visions of a photographer into pictures.

Here are a few colleges and institutes in India providing top courses in photography

  • Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University, Hyderabad
  • Sir JJ Institute of Applied Arts, Mumbai
  • National Institute of Photography, Mumbai
  • The Indian Institute of Digital Art and Animation,Kolkata
  • The Light and Life Academy (LLA), Ooty

The basic educational requirement to get into such institutes is passing the 10th or 12th grade. However you can avoid the institutional shenanigans all together and take up online courses.

Here are a few potential career options in photography:

  • Travel photography
  • Event photography
  • Fashion photography
  • Wildlife photography
  • Photography in fine arts
  • Forensic photography
  • Photo journalism ,etc.

With the tremendous impact social media has had on us, it has become possible for talented photographers to display and advertise their work to larger audiences.

A lot of photographers earn by selling their pictures on various social media platforms and have been able to create a large fan base on it as well.

To make you get one step closer to your dream career, here are few tips that will help you establish a great career in the field of photography:

  • You need to figure out the niche of photography that you are interested in.
  • Working under professional photographers will really help you kick start your career. You will learn a great deal. Also on the side you can start building a portfolio of your own work by taking up freelance photography. This will help you polish your work.
  • Attending various photography related workshops is another way to learn new techniques and polish your work.
  • If you want to generate good income through photography then having high quality equipment’s such as good quality lenses, lighting’s, etc. is a basic requirement. If you are a beginner and do not want to invest a lot in it yet, then you can even rent them. This will only help you generate a great quality picture.
  • Remember that this career will always keep you on your toes, so be open to learning new things from your peers or even your competition. Gaining new perspectives on your surroundings will only help you get a great shot.
  • Before you start charging for your services, make sure that you know anything and everything there is to know about cameras and the related equipments
  • When you get a job, be sure to understand the brief given to you by the client, as client satisfaction will be like a stamp of approval of your great work.
  • Having a charming personality and the ability to build relationships with your clients as well as peers will help you build your own brand and will probably get you more references for your future projects.
  • You can even sign up with an agency if you have build up an attractive portfolio.

If you have already started taking up jobs as a photographer, then here are the top 5 Mistakes to avoid as a noob photographer:

  • Always shoot your images in a raw format instead of jpeg and in post production avoid over editing your pictures. Keep them looking as natural and raw as possible.
  • Interact with your subject and let them know about the poses that could make the picture better. Candid picture portraying raw emotions sometimes turn out to be the best shots.
  • Be aware of the light sources around your subject. You need to carefully find the best lights to get the perfect shot.
  • Always keep the focus point of the camera at manual. However make other manual settings in the camera only if you are sure of what you are doing.
  • And the biggest mistake most beginners make and you should avoid at all costs is not checking images after the shoot. You need to know if the images are turning out as you had envisioned.

Above all keep promoting yourself and be consistent with your work.  Keep learning and taking great pictures and building a great future in photography will seem not that far away.

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  2. Great article!! i used to think that photography is only limited to weddings, events and movies but after reading this article i have cleared all my doubts and i am ready to convert my hobby into full-fledged career.Thank you for this article.Keep up the good work.

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